Evaluation coaching by coachee

Please find here below the form for your evaluation.

    Coachingperiod (mm/yy - mm/yy):

    What was your goal for the coaching?

    What did the coaching bring you, what did you learn ?

    What is it that you have to do to continue your growth / sustain the growth?

    What is your overall feeling on the coaching that you received?

    How would you score the following: (1=Insufficient 5=Very good)

    Availability coach 12345
    Information before the coaching 12345
    Clarity in agreements 12345
    Follow up after sessions 12345
    Location 12345
    Methods / techniques used 12345
    Set up of the coaching 12345
    Duration of the single sessions 12345
    Expertise of the coach 12345
    Clarity assignents 12345
    Involvement/commitment coach 12345
    Positive atmosphere 12345
    Safety and confidentiality 12345
    Coach puts interest of coachee first 12345

    What else do you need from me or from others (e.g. manager) to sustain and/or to increase the impact of the coaching?

    What suggestions do you have for me to increase the quality of my coaching?

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     The information you provide, will be sent directly to Samen naar Resultaat and is meant to (1) reinforce your learnings (2) improve my service. It can also be used for my continued registration as an accredited coach for the NOBCO and EMCC.