LinkedIn aanbevelingen

Stuur me gerust een LinkedIn uitnodiging (met vermelding van reden) om mijn volledige profiel te zien. Hieronder enkele aanbevelingen:

Onno Velzel– ICS Consultant at Infor:

Sandra is an excellent coach who really helped me focus on areas where I wanted to improve my performance. And this in only 5 sessions! She used a lot of practical tools and the coaching sessions were lively, sometimes serious but also with a lot of fun. Together we worked out a number of clear and achievable goals and with this I can move forward!

Patrick Gunther – Sr. Director Supply Chain Valeant/Bausch+Lomb:

Ik heb een lange tijd direct en in-direct gewerkt met Sandra. In haar rol als manager heb ik haar leren kennen als iemand waar je op kan rekenen, gevoel en aandacht voor het individu, geweldige people manager. Op het gebied van project-management altijd in-control en uitstekende project management skills, controle over complexe projecten en processen, en voldoende oog voor detail. Ik heb altijd heel prettig samengewerkt met Sandra en haar duidelijke, open en communicatieve houding is geweldig.

Muriel Kef – Customer Requirements Insights Specialist Bausch + Lomb:

Sandra has been my manager over the past 3 years, while working on the Project & Program Support Department at Bausch + Lomb ELC.

Sandra is the type of manager that creates an environment for her staff in which they can achieve personal growth. By really listening to their needs and providing support in areas that need improvement, she enables people to get the best out of their selves. She is a goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high performance standards, not limited to her direct reports only. Her honesty and integrity provide for effective leadership and optimal business relationships.

Besides her great coaching and managing skills, Sandra is also the right person to create and maintain structure and overview in complicated situations or projects. She is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism. An enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate new concepts. In addition to that she also has a very positive attitude, which makes it very pleasant to work for/with her.

Key skills that come to mind when thinking about Sandra: dedicated, reliable, structured, analytical, pragmatic, motivating, flexible, passionate, positive, team playing independent.

Besides being a real professional and recognized and valued for her management and coaching skills, Sandra is a very likeable and easygoing person and a great colleague to work with.

Simon Schipper – Supply Chain Manager EMEA at Corning Life Sciences:

Sandra brings excellent process skills with excellent listening skills together, which makes her excellent Project Manager. She really understands stakeholder management where she will never losing focus on the actual deliverables of the Project. Sandra is very open, approachable, open for feedback and will not lose sight on agreed deadlines. She a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend Sandra as a project or process manager to any organization who deals with cross border/departmental complex processes where the human factor is key to success.

Alina Geike – Business Efficiency/ Lean Consulting:

I have been working with and along Sandra for more than 13 years and have rarely come across someone who is more dedicated to her job than she is. As Manager for Programs and Projects, Sandra manages to keep the strings together between all stakeholders even in very difficult circumstances. She does that by building strong professional and personal relationships and manages so well to give people the attention and time needed to allow everyone to perform at their best. She is extremely organized and utterly reliable and keeps a close eye on the developments of her project by using her excellent project management and influencing skills.
Sandra is always open to new ideas and listens to everyone without judgment, which makes people trust her and feel confident to share even the most unusual ideas. Sandra is very much liked by all organizational levels of the company.
She is a true asset to the company, because of both her dedication and professional skills as well as her warm personality and ability to work with and manage people of all levels of the organization.

Dimitrios Tsamitros – Lean Six Sigma Manager Nucletron Operations BV:

I have worked with Sandra for almost 7 years. She has been an inspiration as a seasoned Project Manager while working together in projects the first years and, later as my Manager and Program Management Officer.
Sandra is a gifted communicator and an excellent Coach. No matter the level of stress or the severity of an issue, Sandra would keep smiling and help, not so much by advice but more by letting people be themselves and see the possibilities ahead. Result driven and focused, Sandra would be a great asset for any organization!

Jurn Wingelaar – Snr. Manager Audit & Change Control Board Philips:

Sandra is a person who’s always loaded with masses of positive energy and strongly focused on the targets to be achieved. With excellent coaching skills and a serving leadership management style Sandra is getting the best out of her reports. The positive effects of Sandra´s coaching of individuals at times of personal or organizational change are amazing. For the teams Sandra is leading, and also in managing her own tasks, she is providing most effective direction and structure. In her capacity as Program and Project Manager Sandra has developed great stakeholdermanagement- and communication skills. If you’re looking for a most effective, task and people oriented and pro-active leader Sandra is the one to hire!

Theresia Yunita – EMEA Supply Chain Analyst at Bausch + Lomb:

I worked with Sandra for 6 months. Such a short time but it is sufficient to prove how good she is in teaching, giving direction and motivation. Working is never boring with her, always full of fun :). Further, she is such a hardworking person, always try to finish everything on time.

Max Nieuwhoff – Consultant Continuous Improvement at Vattenfall:

The last few years I worked at Bausch & Lomb I was fortunate to have Sandra as my manager. Most of the time I felt she was my personal coach.
Sandra’s leadership / coaching style can be described with the following words: enthusiastic, outspoken, engaged, open, honest and curious.
One of Sandra’s many strengths is to guide someone in their journey to become a more effective and productive person. Sandra enabled me to have a better insight into my own capabilities and my area’s for improvement. Her guidance and support also motivated me to develop myself in new areas, of which some were outside of my comfort zone.

Other strengths of Sandra are:
* The power of structuring complex matters in an effective way making change look simple. * The power of enclosing people in change * Effective communication.

Hyllan Van Der Kolk – Facility manager at Bausch & Lomb:

Sandra has a style of managing in which she will coach a person to the solution of a dilemma. I recommend Sandra for her coaching skills because it helped me to become better in getting problems out of the way in my role as a Facility & Maintenance manager, “don’t take the victim role, take the lead